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Building Secondary Links Using Social Media
[2009-04-29] Time and time again I see folks in the SEO world talking about getting links from social media websites. Many times this advice will include finding ‘followed' links and even lists of ‘dofollow' social media sites. This is quite strange and bewildering to me as the holy grail of link building in SM isn't getting a link from the actual site…. but getting the secondary links that follow viral content.

Embracing Social Media To Increase Productivity
[2009-04-15] Is your organization or corporation lagging behind in adoption of new collaboration and productivity tools? You're in good company apparently - the Microsoft and Accenture ‘Oil and Gas Collaboration Survey 2009,' conducted by PennEnergy in partnership with the Oil & Gas Journal Research Center, found that although many execs in this industry feel that social media tools produce better results, the companies by and large are still using old methods to retain and share knowledge.

Prompting Action From Business Reports
[2009-04-01] A post over on the Walker Information Blog - Reports that prompt action made me think about the number of useless reports I see. Their focus was on voice of the customer or other customer information reports but it made me think more generally about reports.

Tracking Email Marketing Campaigns With Ease
[2009-03-18] The process of running an email marketing campaign can consume a lot of time. Worse yet, a lot of the energy you put into the campaign can go to waste if it proves hard to track results. But a Google Analytics Authorized Consultant has outlined some ways to tell how customers are responding.

Getting Google Friend Connect to Work on Your Blog
[2009-03-09] Feeling inspired by a little blog consulting I received from Andy Wibbels (more on that in a bit), I decided to try to see if I could get Google Friend Connect working on my blog.

Using B2B Social Technology More Effectively
[2009-02-25] 77 percent of business technology decision-makers engage with social media on the job, yet most B2B marketers are not effectively using social technologies to influence the purchasing decisions of their customers, says Forrester Research. In 2007 Forreter released their comsumer Social Technographics Scale .   Now they've done the same for BtoB buyers.

Businesses Can Do Their Own SEO
[2009-02-12] As someone who sells SEO as a service it is often not in my best interest to tell people they can do SEO on their own. But it's true. Just as changing the car's oil, fixing clogged pipes, or painting a house are all relatively easy, most business owners can SEO their website on their own. All it takes is some knowledge and time.

Manage Tasks And Projects With Manymoon
[2009-01-28] Here is a free enterprise 2.0 tool that is focused on the average business user.

Effective Relationship Building Techniques
[2009-01-14] There are scores of online marketing techniques that are effective in building relationships that can lead to links to your site, but there is no reason to stop there. Do the major influencers in your space speak at conferences? Then go to it, and introduce yourself. This can include not only bloggers, but other people influential in your space.

Your Brand Will Thrive on Twitter
[2008-12-17] There's a great article over at Mashable this week from Lon Cohen about brand presence on Twitter.  I'll preface this review by saying I'm a Twitter addict, so I might be a little biased toward the "Yes" side of things but I'll do my best to represent the Twitter naysayers as well.

Planning Your SEO Campaign
[2008-12-03] The holiday season is almost upon us. In fact, it started in July. More on that shortly. Part of planning a SEO campaign, especially for anyone involved in B2C retail, is to optimize with holiday events in mind. Obviously, gift giving is a tradition that no retailer can miss out on, so SEO campaigns for the holiday season are often planned and executed well in advance.

Version 2.8 Of FeedDemon Coming Soon
[2008-11-19] FeedDemon - the best desktop  RSS feed reader for Windows, in my view - will soon be out in a new version 2.8.

Marketing Tools And Resources For Your Business
[2008-11-12] There is an amazing amount of great content about B2B marketing out there, ranging from trends in demand generation to best practices in lead nurturing, lead scoring, and landing page optimization to how to buy and select marketing automation systems.

Focus Your Time on The Prize
[2008-10-29] One thing that I have learned over the past month is how to effectively use my time. As a result of pledging a fraternity combined with midterms and various projects I have had no spare time to post on this blog or to keep up with my other affiliate marketing projects I was working on. Thankfully I have survived pledging and now I am in the process of recouping my time, and I noticed that despite today being by far my busiest day, I have gotten a massive amount of work done.

Easily Access Content With FatWire
[2008-10-15] FatWire Software today announced general availability of the Microsoft SharePoint Connector for the FatWire Content Integration Platform. Heats Twitter Enterprise
[2008-09-17] Last week, Yammer grabbed everyone's attention as the Twitter-like tool to use behind the corporate firewall, where employees can enjoy the benefits of the informal and quick-fire interactions between people that characterize Twitter but in relative privacy.

Organize Your Photos with Google Picasa 3.0
[2008-09-03] Today, Google released Picasa version 3.0 and introduced a new "name tags" feature to help you automatically organize your photos based on who's in each picture.

Key Components for Successful Data-driven Marketing
[2008-08-20] Here are several excerpts from an informative article by Neil Mason, the co-founder of Applied Insights - a consumer analytics consultancy - Data-Driven Marketing:

Tips for Webmasters and Google Analytics
[2008-08-06] Over at Search Engine Journal, Ann Smarty has come up with an interesting post, providing extremely useful tips for the Webmasters for their Google Analytics accounts.

Maintaining Your Physical Inventory
[2008-07-23] Confirm deliveries by comparing the packing slip against the Purchase Order.

Making Your Email Experience More Enjoyable
[2008-06-30] I recently searched through the mozilla thunderbird extensions website and found 4 extensions that I didn't know about that actually prove to be quite useful.

Synchronize Your Content With MobileMe and Live Mesh
[2008-06-11] One of the many things Apple announced yesterday that I'm intrigued about is MobileMe.

Combine All Your Online Communities into One Place With Digsby
[2008-05-28] Ok I admit it. I am a little resistant to change. Which is not a great trait for someone in the SEO / Web 2.0 business. So in an effort to break myself of old habits, I have been using Digsby for the last two weeks.

TagCow Photo Tagging Service
[2008-05-14] I got an email from TagCow today thanking me for participating in their beta tagging service (they've tagged thousands of my photos on Flickr for me) and letting me know that to thank me that I was credited with "100 free tagging credits."

How to Create Stronger Lists
[2008-04-29] If you ever look on social media sites such as Digg, Delicious or Sphinn you'll notice that many of the most popular items that get submitted are lists. People seem to really appreciate the simplicity of lists and also have an easier time going throw their content, hence their immense popularity.

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